Wassie #10253 Chakingo

Chakingo was nobody until he was gifted a beautiful kitten during last bull market. Chakingo hated his cat but kept it out of greed bc he thought sum1 wud pay a lot moar 4 it den wat he spent on minting her.
To feed his own growing hopium habits he sent his cat to work on a corner in goblin town.

Wen beras raped bulls Chakingo came movin back 2 goblin town, 2 live in cheap fridge. Soon der after he bgan showin up at d club drinkin cat piss wit his cuzinz n asking cat 4 monis. He had lost almost everytin but convinced himself he wus a diamondhand-hodler n now he wus hodling cat, bound 2 him by code.

Cat suffered many long nites b4 cat bcame 1 wit darkness. Cat emerged embodiement of virgin’s robbed innocent, Sexmeralda.
Sexmeralda had learned mani trix servin lil’shids wit big bags of shitcoins durin bula. Chakingo underestimated wut cat had bcum.

Cat went 2 his fridge 2 ask 4 freedom if so 2 b sold 4 1 gwei 2 sum1 who cud luv cat but Chakingo high on hopium, drunk on cat piss, refused n used abuse.

Said he wud tell every lil’shid @ d Pussy n Claw Wassoween parti 2 have der wei 4 free, bc cat has no value, n dat nobody wud ever blv cat.

Next tiem Chakingo showed his beak @ d club Sexmeralda took him 2 top floor suite, nailed him down on floor pentagram, made sweet luv 1 last tiem, n den bgan eating organs to set in motion ritual dat wud summon next bula. Unfortunately Chakingo died b4 gibin up private keys n d ritual failed.

Cat thot Chakingo wud cum back, bc wazziz cums back wen dey dai, but Chakingo has been nowhere 2 be found. His cat now misses him v much even tho he spread evil rumors bout Sexmeralda having cat aids and bein mother to infamous zombie jpeg Kevin.

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