What is a wassie?

It’s a meme of an awkward, cutesy, funny and small fictional creature resembling a penguin/platypus/duck or a frog.


A wassie is the result of a terrible radioactive incident. It’s a foul, disgusting pest that keep multiplying and leave an unimaginable stench when gone. Its short lifespan reaches expiration date after 14 days (longer if kept in a fridge), after which it respawns with the knowledge of its ancestors. Nevertheless, wassies have famously small brains and intelligence is very much not their strong suit, therefore we protect those little rats by killing them to show how scary the world can be if left unprotected. Obviously, they were unhappy with their species dying to… unnatural causes. To combat this some wassies have decided to don weapons and in typical wassie nature… these weapons are wielded by the sharp edges… Yep, not so smart creatures.


The outcasts are wassies that lived to see day 15. They are very advanced and evolved with one deadly enemy – Custodet. Outcasts have seen humans destroy wassies for centuries. Disgusted by this act, they have decided to take revenge. By killing wassies. They hate wassies too.


Certain wassies got tired of seeing different sigil groups fighting and have decided to separate in a search of their comfiness. With more than one braincell to pursue better life they have clearly made it and have become comfy forever as the couch wassies and are what we call Wassie Switzerland. These are respite spots. Places wassies can put up their feet.


The first-drawn wassie protoplast appeared on the social platform in 2016 and was created by the wonderful japanese artist Tukinowa Gamo. The name “wassie” originates from the handle of the one and only “wasserpest” – the user who first identified as a wassie in 2017.

The whole #wassielore was formed through interactions between wasserpest, his dear friend inversebrah (main wassie popularizer) and Crypto Twitter. Everyone loved the wassie vibe and many joined the community in 2019 by customizing their profile pictures. Both lore and love were spreading. Wassie infestation has begun.

Ratwell0x, the amazing artist, who helped pioneer the birth of Couches in 2021 through the OG couch of the wonderful Mewny, is known as the couch papi.

NFTs are going to take over the world. It’s time for Wassies to take over NFTs.


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