Cap’n Deadeye

Strange and mysterious are the ocean going wassie. Most prefer to remain on land, indeed many are terrified of open water. But there are some hardy wassie, some say insane wassie, who take to the sea.

Cap’n Deadeye is one of these unusual and courageous wassie. Many wassie take to the sea with nothing more than ill-fitting duck floaties, but Cap’n deadeye has his very own boat!

For a long time he merely floated close to the shore. Then, one day, he declared that he needed to see more! Taking his trusty vessel (called ‘The Carpathia”) he set out directly from the shore. Stop!, they called. There are are terrifying monsters in the deep! they howled.

Did Cap’n Deadeye listen? No, he did not. He knew, with every fibre of his being, that his Shamanic Sparkle powers would protect him from all foes. No creature, big or small, would dare approach his boat.

Wait, what was that? . . .