Wassielen of Wassieroy

They say she was the beak that launched a thousand ships. And it is true. What the history books don’t mention is that of the 1,000 ships only 226 could rightly be called a vessel of any kind. And in truth these were really more like boats, all with holes in, and alternately under attack from either kraken or fishies. The rest were just rubber duckie floats. But anyway, ship sounds cooler.

Wassielen was so beautiful that wassies went to war for her. Not only was it her fine golden coat, but her beak permanently exhibited the perfect amount of drool, an amount that puts fire in the blood of all wassie. Rumours later claimed that this drool was the product of cosmetic surgery, but we will never know.

By all accounts Wassielen was unaware of her effect on other wassie. We wonder what she thought all the noise was as they slaughtered one another night and day just to get near to her. As with all tales of this nature it ended in tragedy. Passing by a mirror one day Wassielen caught her own reflection for the first time and fell instantly in love with herself. Unable to leave her reflection she sadly starved to death.


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