Buttoneyes Deeznutz

It wasn’t always like this for Buttoneyes. She had in fact been born as Prunella Dupoint La Salle. And she wasn’t even born a wassie, but a labradoodle owned by a moderately wealthy boulangerie owner in Monaco.

It all went wrong one rainy March afternoon, when she mistook the boot of a witch for lamppost and pissed all over the hag. The witch immediately cursed Prunella Dupoint La Salle into the body of a wassie and banished her to wassieland / wassieversei (insert your favoured wassie dominion of choice).

78 seconds after arriving Prunella was set up by a group or mellon heads who shoved buttons over her eyes and a toilet seat over her head. But she found a pair of sandals so never mind, eh?