The book of Dama Sensei

Day One – Pillars of Creation

The inhabitants are called the wassei. Wassies are foul creatures that serve no purpose. Yet it was here where they were forged. 

From the halls of origination a large titan was spawned which is still worshipped to this day by the wassei. This titan is called “Tsukino”. 

Tsukino had good intentions for this new race. To live in peace and harmony. Unfortunately this peace didn’t last for long. 

Dark and Mysterious creatures were attracted by the planet’s bright and majestic appearance which they sought to corrupt from the inside. 


The dark and mysterious creatures come in different shapes and sizes. The seas are corrupted by the old god “Powell” who commands his krakens to seize all who roam the seas. 

There’s also the old god called “Mindflayer Starbust” which is set to corrupt the mind of the wassei. He commands the outcasts from wassietopia which resides on mount loom, high above the clouds. 

From this day onwards, we shall live to tell the tale of the wassei. And so the saga begins. 

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